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Today's batch

The month of December is here ... and soon it will be Christmas!

The Poilâne Bakery is full of excitement and everyone is busy in our bakehouses and  shops preparing gourmet products and gift ideas. 

We invite you to discover and share the delicious world of The Poilâne Bakery! Our holiday offer consists of the Poilâne ® metal signature cookie tin filled with 270g of Holly leaf butter cookies, our original Gingerbread (650g), and two 220g jars of Christine Ferber's famous jam (1 jar of raspberries&strawberries and 1 jar of orange, mango and passion fruit). These delicacies can be enjoyed on the morning of December 25th and throughout the holiday season.


Other beautiful gift ideas to discover on our new biscuit bin decorated by the Alsatian artist Guy Untereiner; The Poilâne Bread Envelope; Our breakfast bowls; recipes by Apollonia Poilâne in the cookbook collection "10 Ways to Prepare"; our pocket knife "Le Gourmand" ...

And, to see a fun and exciting gift idea unveiled each day throughout the month of December, visit our online Advent Calendar: and step into the magical world of Poilâne®.


Happy Holidays!

Poilâne Bakeries
8 rue du Cherche-Midi, Paris 6th
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49 bld de Grenelle, Paris 15th
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38 rue Debelleyme, Paris 3rd
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46 Elizabeth Street, Londres SW1W
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39 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB
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27 Stokerijstraat , 2110 Wijnegem, BELGIUM
T. +32 (0) 3 353 89 28

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